Moreno Mixtape 15. Six of the best

So a Fieldday   Moreno Mixtape this week.  Six of the best bands that stood out from Saturday, a  great day in Victoria Park, London . I’m sure these weren’t the six best of the whole day as there  were many more I would have liked to have seen. But you just can’t be in four places at once. First up a personal favourite and special guest Local Natives, with a fine track from Gorilla Manors, they genuinely looked relieved and pleased that so many people had turned up, a special moment.

Then my surprise “like” of the day Django Django. A  great show and some good  indie pop songs. By the thousands in the tents singing along to every one I’m late in the day  to this one . Then Stealing Sheep to finish off the A side. 3 ladies from Liverpool trying to fill a big stage. They held their own, seeing they were up early, this song shows you why.

For the B side we slow it down and start off with  Kurt Vile, what an understated talent,  J Mascis  would be proud.   Next up Dark Dark Dark . A truly wonderous song, maybe not suited to  a constant mumour of  Pear Cider fueled  chat,  but relax and enjoy in the comfort of your own world. To finish Four Tet.  To be fair,  I don’t think this was in the set list, it seemed to be his own stuff from what I heard, but in my humble opinion this shows him at his best . Last one turn the lights out.

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