Pixies A Visual History. Sean T Rayburn’s successful Kickstarter project.

Pixies A Visual History. Sean T Rayburn’s successful Kickstarter project.

As a massive Pixies fan as well as being fascinated with the power of the community.  I was keen to find out from Sean how he went about raising the cash so effectively to fund “A Visual History” a hardback archive photo book of the Pixies early days.  A $150k target was smashed in 4 weeks and $235k raised. Clearly a successful project, but for every one that reaches its target there are many that don’t. I was interested to find out the background and how important the endorsement of the lead singer was, or whether the community had a momentum of its own.  His reply is below.  For a full analysis of what makes a successful Kickstarter campaign click here.

Sean has been working in digital since the early days and built the original  Pixies website amongst other things.

Pixies a visual history kickstarter project

Here is his reply


Sean T. Rayburn says:

Hello Chris!

1. I’ve had the idea for a while, but it was really in 2011 when I started posting all these old photos to the Pixies’ Facebook page that it really crystallized.

2. I think the project would have reached its goal no matter what. The biggest challenge was just getting the word out there. The only marketing I did was with the Pixies email list and via social media with Facebook & Twitter updates. Having Black Francis involved certainly helped, but I think that just tipped over the group of people who were already thinking about purchasing.

3. It certainly helped that I had access to the email list, but I think even without that we still would have gotten funded. There was a core group of people who were very supportive, to the point that a few were even messaging me to say “how much do you need to make this happen?”

4. The packages were a complete shot-in-the-dark kind of thing. Actually that’s not 100% true. I did a lot of research on other Kickstarters to see what they offered. Ultimately though it came down to: as a fan, what would I want to see in different packages? What would make me put down money to support this at $200?” Everything I’ve done over the years, working with bands, producing albums, etc., I always look in the mirror and say “Would I pay for this?” If I would buy it, I am pretty sure there are a couple thousand other people out there who would as well.

www.pixiesbook.com is where we will be posting tons of info in the coming weeks!


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