How to create a successful Kickstarter project.

In 4 years $521m has been raised on 98k kickstarter projects. 40% have hit their funding target. In 2013 $200m has already been successfully funded. One of the largest success stories Ouya an Android games system has raised $8.6m.

Kickstarter is a  phenomenal crowd sourcing success story and business model, as it receives 5% of all pledges.  Successful kickstarter projects are where they connects a passionate audience with funds and a clear and simply defined goal. All with a well thought through marketing plan.

This was brought home to me as a life long Pixies fan, when another  fan Sean t Rayburn responsible for the Pixies website set up a project  to create a hardback book of archive photos “A Visual History”.  He aimed to raise $150,000 in a month. He has raised $234,000.

pixies kickstarter


You can click here to find out how he went about it, but simply put, hard work and  a well thought out marketing plan is essential:

Top Tips for  a  Successful Kickstarter project.

•What’s in it for the customer? – A thing of value for true fans

• Communicate your pricing – Packages available for all levels

• Build momentum – keep the campaign short and the momentum up
• Tap into the community – Use The Pixies mailing list
• Use multi-media and social. – Speaks for itself.
• Keep everyone involved and spreading the word –  great updates throughout
• Make it special – Get the lead singer to sign the first 1000 books taken up.

I asked him more about the approach and you can find his reply in this blog post.

There is also an excellent article by Laura Winger where she outlines some of the tricks of the trade  and benchmarks behind  a successful campaign, it’s well worth a read.

I’m just waiting for my signed copy  to turn up now.

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