Moreno Mixtape 22. Six of the Best

So flipping the sides on the Moreno Mixtape this week ending on some summery guitars if there is such a thing.  Starting off with John Maus and Hey Moon.  A track from a couple of years ago and still the best thing he has done.  Next Up Porcelain Raft Reminds me of Mazzy Star, over the Cure’s Disintegration mixed with the Jesus and Mary Chain, their new album is good too.  Next up on this lazy A side is Rilo Kiley, with The Good That Won’t Come Out, a rousing vulnerability tale if ever I heard one.

For the B side We start off with Sailor & I, actually the only song from this year and it sounds bang up to date complete with angst and big orchestra.  Next up Yuck, a superb name, a superb label and a superb opening.  You know what you are going to get.  Teenage Fan Club and Pavement eat your heart out. The intensity of guitars is great. To finish it off an 11 minute 54 second song that keeps on giving.  Of Montreal with The Past is a Grotesque Animal. You’ve just got to go with this one; it starts in a very different place to where it ends.

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