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Chris Lawson Moreno Marketing

Chris Lawson, Multi channel Marketing Director. Founder: Moreno Marketing

Moreno-Marketing – how it all started.

“Moreno” is a glacier in Patagonia, Argentina. Within seconds I was blown away by the clarity and impact. An awe inspiring sight, which must go on every bucket list! What struck me was that at the heart of this vast, complex structure were these brilliant clear crystals.

Navigating complex problems and making things clear is what I do best.

By providing a fast and impactful Marketing Audit and assessment of your business needs. I am able to provide clarity and find the inspiration that can best deliver on your goals.

I then provide a hands on scale up phase to build solid marketing foundations to achieve success. I am backed up by an experienced network of marketing professionals, data experts, product specialists and like minded souls.

Since leaving my position as Content Sales and Marketing Director at the Guardian in 2012. I have worked across a whole spectrum of organisations from digital incubators and acceleratorsSpringboard, BBC WorldWide Labs, and Seedcampto established media brands such as Which Publishing. Most recently I set up a Customer Experience and Product Management function for an international gaming company, have spent a year focusing on digital marketing and E-commerce at Virgin Wines. Since February 2018 I have been working with Freeformers and Facebook to set up a new proposition to train 120,000 millennials across Europe in digital skills as well as other assignments.

In my spare time I have a deep deep passion for all things music, travel and mentor students on an MBA programmes as well as business executives.

How I can help.

  • Every organisation is on a digital transformation. I specialise in helping in that journey, creating a multi-channel marketing strategy.
  • I have a consistent record of commercial success within digital marketing, brand management & direct to consumer strategies.
  • Board level P&L accountability for international brands & leadership of marketing teams.
  • Expertise in transforming the customer experience & leveraging technology to deliver increased sales growth & profitability.
  • Specialist in developing CRM, social, multi-media and content strategies.
Moreno Mountains

Perito Moreno Glacier