A common theme in my career is that I have  anticipated how new technology  can  best be used from a marketing perspective and have a positive effect on the lives of consumers and the bottom line. Whether that is the advent of CRM and digital marketing, creating e-commerce propositions in 2003, using the audience as my marketing department and ensuring that there is a multi-channel proposition based on classic direct and digital marketing principles.

I have a proven track record of commercial success on high-profile brands.

April 2010- Oct 2012.   The Guardian

I was Content Sales and Marketing Director at The Guardian  responsible for all things marketing across all  channels, traditional and digital as well as the content revenue stream in a range  of £70-90 million


  • Delivering  a multi-channel marketing strategy and increasing subscriptions from 40,000 to 220,o00 global multi-platform subscriptions
  • Driving a  direct to consumer vision  and  transforming the marketing team accordingly.
  • Responsible for an £70-90 million content revenue stream  and driving revenue by £6m above budget in a marketplace declining by 6%
  • Invaluable experience in business transformation and delivering award winning mobile and tablet propositions and record breaking traffic and engagement.

Jan 2010-March 2010 
TimeOut logo

I was the Interim Marketing Director for Time Out.  Brought into steady the ship whilst they completed their funding round and changed their strategy.

Responsible for managing their subscription activity, circulation and promotion strategy and mentoring the team.


June 2008- Dec 2010  absoluteradiosquare

I was Brand Director at  Absolute Radio  and managed the relaunch from Virgin Radio in 60 days flat, starting in the summer of 2008.  A brand that was name checked  live on stage by Coldplay on launch day and  continues to innovate.




From 2000- 2008bauerlogo2

I spent 8 years at Emap Consumer Media, which became Bauer Media.

Managing their Customer Relationship Management, Direct Marketing, Subscriptions  and ultimately all of their digital Marketing across 80 brands as their Digital Marketing Director. Successes such as the early digital launch of or the management of as well as responsibility for a £40mil subscription business and a 7 million plus database.





bt-logo-squareGoing further back, I began my career in the charity sector with some membership marketing experience at English Heritage, excellent relationship marketing experience at Safeway which was bought by Morrison’s.

I then spent some time  at BT where I developed a taste for early mobile, broadband and web technology before I moved to the media sector.

Marketing Experience

2012 Multi-Platform Marketing, CRM, Business Transformation

2010 Mobile/Tablets, Direct to Consumer Marketing, global brand management

2008 Multi-Channel Marketing, Digital Brand Management, Content Marketing

2007 Community Marketing

2002-3 Search marketing /e-commerce, subscription products

2000 – Email Marketing, CRM

1998 – Mobile/Broadband

1996 Relationship Marketing, CRM,  Loyalty Marketing

1994 – Subscription products

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