A selection of forthcoming blog posts and a list of projects past, present and future.

Management of a content strategy within SME’s

Creating a multi-media experience from a one dimensional brand

The opportunity provided by the Over 50’s market

4 Mega trends providing opportunities in the next five years:
Collaborative Consumption
Navigating big data
Fusing content and Technology
Why content is the new black

Utilising media experience in adjacent industries.

Age old lessons from Community marketing

Breaking the mould of Youth Marketing – a profile of Livity

The evolution of the digital marketeer

Has web personalisation changed CRM thinking for ever?
Optimisation and Personalisation

The rise of the Customer Experience Officer

Loyalty and Engagement Best practice classic DM principles updated for the modern world.

Turning customers into Advocates

Why the Olympics was a watershed in content creation.

Cost effective Content Creation for all

Why do start ups ask for 200K funding for 12 months and corporates ask for £200k for research

Bright Young things РProfile of my favourite  start ups.

Community Marketing Strategies.

Behavioral economics effect on pricing and bundling

A greater purpose than profit