A selection of references from current projects, please contact me for more information.

Chris worked with me and other Executive Board and senior colleagues on a variety of different initiatives on an interim basis at the beginning of 2013.

Drawing on his extensive experience from a wide variety of media organisations Chris was instrumental in helping us develop and articulate a clear strategic direction for our UK publishing business.

His conclusions and recommendations were built on sound analysis. He successfully challenged a number of our underlying assumptions (and slaughtered a few sacred cows on the way!) And, critically, he built consensus for his conclusions and recommendations from the CEO downwards.

Chris has in-depth knowledge of the media world and broad based commercial and marketing experience which we valued. But what I particularly liked about Chris was the role he played as a critical yet constructive friend – pointing out things that didn’t make sense, and then doing something about it.

Chris Gardner – Managing Director  Which? Publishing

Chris quickly understands where you are as a business or organisation and can clearly signpost brilliant, creative, productive directions – and crucially, can help you get there.

Emma Warren  Senior Editorial Mentor,  Live Magazine

Chris worked with us at Live Magazine (Livity) on our business plan and our transition to digital first. He’s an intuitive listener who can quickly ascertain where you are as a business and can clearly signpost how you might move in a given direction – and can also help you see what direction you could take. His ability to balance commercial and creative aspects allowed us to build unique solutions for our unique problems. He has a broad and deep knowledge and understanding of the media and digital landscape which helped us ensure that we moved forward in a way that worked for us, and that helped prime us for success in the bigger picture, too

We were introduced to Chris when he mentored us for Springboard, the startup accelerator. We were so impressed by his breadth of knowledge and experience after working in key companies across the media, digital and creative sectors that we jumped at the chance to continue working with him post-Springboard.

He has the rare ability to quickly dig deeply into a product and company by asking the right questions and identifying unique challenges, all the while keeping his ear to the ground and helping to spot and secure strategic opportunities and partnerships. He is a valued ally of The Backscratchers and I would highly recommend working with him.

Jody  Orsborn – CEO The Backscratchers


“Chris is an extremely insightful leader and thinker in the areas of customer insight, data mining and digital direct marketing. He is both strategic and practical in the implementation of his ideas.”

Luke Alverez – CEO Inspired Gaming Group